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HBA Saginaw

I transformed the website from a basic, drab website into a bright, helpful, and organized site that both members and the public can easily navigate.

Membership Directory & Resource Calendar

Each year, HBAS publishes a directory for its members. I've designed these directories front to back and make sure to include valuable membership information so that members are sure to take advantage of their benefits. New this year, I designed an 18 month calendar for public consumption that features HBAS information, member ads, and a simple member listing section.

The Home Show

For over 60 years HBA Saginaw has hosted The Home Show - the premier event for building, remodeling, and updating your dream home. For over 5 years, I've designed the marketing for this event, including posters, tickets, guidebooks, and billboards. I've also built a specialized Home Show website, showcasing this event.

Parade of Homes

Biannually, HBA Saginaw showcases its builder members' beautiful custom homes, remodels, and condos. This event is an amazing opportunity for the public to find their ideal builder or supplier, but also for HBAS members to show off to their community. I've designed the event magazine, website, signage, and marketing for this event for several years.

Flannel & Camo Fest

This new event is a sportsman's (or woman's!) dream evening out! Featuring a myriad of games, raffles, and prizes centered on outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and camping, this special event also has a special dinner, and entertainment. The Flannel & Camo Fest raises money for the HBA Saginaw Charitable Foundation - supporting building trades education. I've designed the marketing, signage, tickets, etc. for this event.

Membership Information

Throughout my years with HBAS, I've created a number of membership informational pieces - pamphlets, mailers, etc.

I've been working with the Home Builders Association of Saginaw for over 5 years. Mercury House Graphic Design has created and designed many, many different pieces for the Association from simple mailers to magazines, newsletters, and directories. I've added more to their branding than they already used, and throughout the years have been dedicated to making sure that each piece I design is consistent and loyal to the Association's values.

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