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A woman with a full coffee cup working on a laptop set on a small, round table.

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Mercury House

I am passionate about the “outsiders”: the people who stray away from humdrum of everyday life. I strive to help my clients communicate in a way they never thought they could – through personal, bespoke designs that make people feel something. 

Mercury House designer and owner, Terese, working on a laptop in a coffee shop.

Hi! I'm Terese.

Hi! I'm Terese DiMercurio. I started Mercury House Graphic Design because I love to create. I grew up heavily influenced by art and culture (and food), and spent my free moments imagining and dreaming and making. I've been designing for nearly a decade now, and continue to learn and grow. 

Can I tell you a story?

Way back in middle school, I decided that my last name was really cool, and I was never changing it. And I haven't! My wife took my last name it's so cool. According to my research, DiMercurio comes from the Latin for The Messenger. As in the Roman God Mercury (you might know him as Hermes). He was much more than the Messenger God - he helped souls to the Underworld, was the god of communication, divination, fortune, forests, and travelers, among other things. His symbol is the caduceus (ca-doo-shee-us) - you know the one: two snakes wrapped around a winged rod. That symbol is on our family's crest. It's also where I got the idea for the snake.

So... why the snake?

For millennia, snakes were seen as various symbols of love, wisdom, death, immortality, and more. They were used in some of the oldest rituals and medicines known to humankind; but when Christianity took over much of the ancient world, snakes caught a bad rap. They were seen as evil, vile, and disgusting. Snakes are often judged and underestimated. They are outsiders and weird. I too, often feel judged and misunderstood. By being my authentic self, I often find myself within the fringes - queer, a bit witchy, a dreamer, a believer in magic, and a romantic. By representing my brand with a snake, I hope to show that being authentically you is beautiful. That despite how we look or what we like, we bring a vibrancy to the world that without it, would be boring and dull. I've set out to give my clients this same vibrancy and uniqueness - to enliven the world with the beauty of you.


I believe that clear, concise,  beautiful design is essential to any project – from a wedding invitation to a showcase magazine or bespoke website. Your designs should say what you mean, and make people feel that message.


Authenticity is a journey of self-discovery, of testing new ideas (and maybe a new wardrobe) while finding out who you really are. I strive to help you divine your true nature – a rebel, a leader, an artist, goth, geek, whatever you may be – and make sure your project reflects your true self.


All humans deserve kindness, respect, and grace. I endeavor to create an experience that will make my you want to continue the "be kind" attitude through your own relationships and interactions. I welcome all humans who strive to learn and to be better to each other.


I believe being passionate about your message is a true pillar of success. When you’re excited about working, or whole-heartedly believe in something, others are likely to follow suit. Passion helps to fill our lives with color and vibrancy, and makes life a bit more exciting.


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