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Personal Projects

Magazine Layouts

Properly and enticingly laying out a magazine is more difficult than one might think! If a client asks for a magazine, newsletter, or other such publication, I lay it out in a way that makes folks want to keep reading, draws the eye to important images, etc.

Pixie's Boutique Branding

This branding project required creating a complete brand for a women's clothing boutique called "Pixie's". I dug deep into a great color palette, font set, and inspirational images to appeal to their desired customers.

St. Joseph's Medical Center Branding

This brief included creating a brand and series of three billboards for the fictional St. Joseph's hospital. I created a cohesive brand that felt comforting and safe, and then designed billboards that immediately let passerby know that their healthcare is St. Joseph's top priority.


Smaller projects round out this class with neat techniques and skills to add to my arsenal! Typography and "out of bounds" images are a couple of my personal favorites.

In 2022 I took it upon myself to go back to school in an effort to expand my horizons and hone my skills. These projects were created based on briefs from my classes. From magazine layout to billboards, this class was so much fun.

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