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Concrete desk with laptop, succulent, blank notebook, a pencil and pen, glasses, coffee mug, and black mouse.

designed for you

Leave boring behind.

At Mercury House Graphic Design, I focus on authentic design that's true to the client. Mercury House's mission is to think outside the box, to treasure each unique person or business and showcase your true self through superb, bespoke designs.

Let's leave boring behind, shall we?

I'm Terese.

Mercury House Graphic Design began with a need to create, and to do so authentically. Being true to yourself - whether that's at work, at home, or through your business - is so important to me, and I want to help my clients' true selves shine through in their many wonderful projects.

So, why the snake? For one, I just love those darling creatures. I also admire how they are truly themselves, despite the way many people see them. I endeavor to be authentically me, no matter what others say, and I want to help my clients feel the same way.

Mercury House's designer and owner, Terese wearing a copper silk shirt, khaki plaid pants, sitting in a green leather chair.


Every client and every project is unique. No matter your project, you'll receive an in-depth consultation and custom quote. If you don't see what you're looking for on the Services page, please contact me.

Person holding sketches of logos featuring the letter R.


Full branding packages, brochures, business cards, magazines, newsletters, and more.

Woman in a yellow sweater working on a laptop and taking digital notes.


Website design and social media bundles.

Blush pink wedding invitation envelope with darker pink wax seal pressed over a small piece of lavender.


Branding, marketing materials, invitations, planning assistance, etc.

A person holding a pen and marking dates on a calendar.


Creative solutions, meal planning help, home or office organization, and then some.

kind words

Alicia Leffler, Looking Glass Photography

Terese has made my life as a business owner so much easier. As someone who struggles with technology, she has completely shouldered this burden, and taught me some new things!! She organizes me in a way I never thought anyone could do, and helps to keep me on task when I express my goals. 

She is an asset to my business! 


I love creating unique, vibrant, and authentic designs for my clients' projects. Take a look at the highlights, or click below to view my full portfolio.

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